Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Toddy for a Cold, Wet Day

For years now I have known about the benefits of including apple cider vinegar in my diet (thanks, Dad!), but have had trouble adding it regularly because, well, it is vinegar! This summer I read a blog post from my amazing and lovely niece, Ashley, who was looking for a more palatable way to include ACV in her diet. Check out her blog to see the very tasty solution she came up with.  Thanks, Ashley!  This is such a yummy, refreshing drink and it also was a great way to use the very large, overgrown pot of mint growing on my back deck. I enjoyed this all summer!

Now that the weather has taken a turn and it is suddenly fall, I just don't want to drink lots of cold drinks.  Today I decided to make myself a toddy using the same ingredients, but with hot water (obviously).  I have to say that it is quite delightful!  I am pleasantly surprised, as I was certain the vinegar would be totally overpowering when it was hot. The only thing that I did add to the hot toddy was a little bit of honey. I never sweetened the cold version.  Try it!  It is surprisingly good. :-)

[I always use organic ACV. Apples are full of pesticides, so I  buy Bragg's.]

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