Monday, July 21, 2014

Practicing Grace

It's been a tough few weeks around here, folks. Big decisions being made. Career changes. Yet another 1800 mile cross country move. We are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and sometimes thinking we might have a touch of the crazy. (Ok...maybe more than a touch.) Packing has commenced and, once again, we are living in the disorganization of preparing for relocation.

Emotions are all over the map. One minute thoughts are exciting and rosy--eager for the adventure of the unknown. The next minute brings panic and something akin to, "What the hell are we doing? Have we gone completely bonkers?" (Why yes, yes we have. But that's ok.) Unsurprisingly, we've experienced anger, hurt, fear, nervousness, worry, but every day is better than the day before as we grow used to, and embrace, the coming changes.

From the moment this craziness began, we made a pact. After 21 years of marriage, we know that stress can breed ugliness--words spoken that aren't really meant, fights that would never have happened otherwise, irritation over things that would normally be overlooked. So we made a pact to have grace for each other. Lots and lots of grace. Guess what? It's worked. Grace works. In those moments when an argument is imminent over some dumb thing, we've worked hard to stop and remember that this is stress talking. A long hug and a deep breath help remedy the ugliness, bringing a calm. Yes, I am proud of us. Life is hard enough. No need to worsen the trials with harsh or unloving words that accomplish nothing beyond hurt. Joy, peace, and laughter, even in the midst of stress. It's all about giving grace. To practice grace every single day, in every relationship and in every situation, is a goal worthy of our very best effort.

Love you, JP.  Here's to a relationship full of grace, love, laughter, and a touch of the crazy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Change.....A Bit of Pierson Family News

There's another big change coming up for my little family. After much discussion, prayer, crying, nerves, sick stomachs, waffling, and more discussion.....we have decided to make a move to Boise, Idaho. Yes, I said Idaho. Jay has accepted a position there and we will be heading out of Houston in a month or so. 

We are, at present, experiencing a mixed-bag of emotions. While we've known for a while now that Houston isn't exactly the place for us, Idaho was certainly never on our radar.  My heart hurts to think of once again being so far from my family, but I also know that nothing ever stays the same in life and I am grateful for the past year.

There is much more to say, much more to this story, but for today, this is all I've got in me. Feeling a bit tired, a bit worn. Underneath it all, however, is hope and a burgeoning excitement. We asked God for adventures. He's delivering.

 So we move forward.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dads, Daughters, and a Bit of Weirdness

As Father's Day was nearing, I kept seeing this video posted on my Facebook timeline. Not gonna lie, I find this video and others like it to be quite disturbing...and creepy. Then there are the incredibly strange photos of fathers and daughters taken at Purity Balls. Whoa!  Have you seen those???? Does this bother anyone else??? This stuff literally makes my skin crawl, people. Seriously. Just weird.
A few rather random thoughts on this...

I love my dad. He's always been a constant in my life, there with caring, support and encouragement even when we might disagree (to be honest, this can be quite often). I've never doubted my dad's love and affection for me and am so thankful for the unconditional love that both he and my mom always bestow on my kids. My parents are huggers, bless their hearts. :)  BUT when I hear people say things like, "You'll always be her first love," when talking about fathers/daughters, it just feels wrong. I recall clearly my first love. Those feelings I had for Alan White in 5th grade in no way resemble the love I have for my daddy, and are ABSOLUTELY not the same love I have for the hubby. If it was, I think we'd all agree, that would be icky. 

Dads don't date their daughters. They parent them. They love them unconditionally. They affirm them, firmly instilling self worth and self esteem, encouraging them to follow their dreams. They play and laugh with them. They take time to listen without judgement. They protect and cherish, and teach their daughters how to take care of themselves. They are dads, fathers. They aren't lovers or boyfriends. They are parents.

Stop it with the weirdness. Enough already.

The pops and I 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Only the Best Breakfast...Ever!

It's avocado season, y'all. Around our house, this means a whole lotta avocado eatin' goin' on.  So in the spirit of the season, I am sharing with you....The Best Breakfast--Ever!

1-  Go to your local Farmer's Market and purchase a yummy loaf of homemade sourdough (or, if you are awesome, break out a loaf of your own homemade sourdough).

2- If you happen to be lucky enough to live in an area where these delectable fruits grow, then by all means grab yourself a few avocados while at the Market. If not, head on over and grab some at the grocery store. (Here's a nifty little help from Food Network, should you be a bit uncertain about how to choose avocados.)

3- Get yourself some of this. You'll be so glad you did.
4-Gather your tasty loot, along with some butter from pastured cows. (If you've never, you should. It's crazy wonderful. Check out this post from Food Renegade about pasture butter. It'll change your a good way.)

5-Toast up a slab of the bread, slather it in the creamy, yellow butter. Slice up your avocado. (How much is entirely up to you, and will likely depend on the sizes of both your fruit and your appetite.) Sprinkle with RealSalt.

6-Enjoy with a cup of black coffee.

Holy Moly! You are welcome.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Jay and I were out and about last night. Being such a responsible parent and all, I texted the boy to see how things were going at the house.  I kids are 16, 18, and 20 years old. Whatever. I was just checking on them. Geeeeeeez.

Note the sweet, thoughtful, "Hey,thanks for caring about us, Mom!" response from the boy.
Then, of course, there is my answer because I believe in using kind, respectful words. 

That's some stellar parenting right there, folks.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A few days ago, I decided to make a change in my kitchen. I moved the butter. If this sounds like an inconsequential decision to you, then it's likely you don't love butter or consume it at the same rate as does the Pierson family. Upon choosing this move, I realized it might bring about many questions (you know, such as, "Where the heck's the butter???), which could, in turn, start to be rather annoying to me. Behold my brilliant resolution to this potential problem....

This morning I woke up, perused Pinterest while enjoying a cup of tea, and thought, "Perhaps a piece of toast would be lovely."  So I headed to the kitchen, opening the cupboard that is now home to our butter dish, and what did I see?  Not the butter!  Instead, I saw a note. One note led to another and another and another. It was a quest. Brought to me by my oldest, who apparently stayed up quite late devising a scheme to bring consternation to his mother's morning. In truth, it was a funny start to my day. I love that goofball.

I did, eventually, find the butter. So all is well.

Here are the notes...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marriage is Tough

Marriage is tough.  I'm sure we can all agree on this, especially given the divorce rate in this country. Some things have been on my heart lately, in part due to the realization that Jay and I will be married 21 years in April and were married at age 21. Wow. We made it. (Thank you, Jesus, because without you we'd never be together today. Truth.)

I have daughters, two beautiful, strong, brilliant daughters. I have a hardworking, fun-loving son. My prayer and hope for them is, and has always been, to know who they are, to live out a life full of God-adventures, passions and dreams.

Here is the honest truth of my my amazing daughters and my precious son...Be You. Enjoy your twenties. Be fearless. Race motocross. Fly airplanes. Study midwifery in the Philippines. Backpack through Europe. Travel to a developing country. Go out on a limb--way out of your comfort zone--with only God to hold you up. Do the things that thrill your heart, the things that move you to tears. Learn to serve the marginalized and love the unloved. Love justice and change your corner of the world. Jesus is enough.YOU are enough. You don't need a wife or a husband to make you whole. Live out the Father's plan for you so that if you do meet the "one", you begin that relationship knowing who you are.

I believe in marriage. Through all of the difficulties and hard times, I have grown to love and cherish my man. We aren't perfect and there are still days when I'd just as soon smack him as look at him. (Hey, just keeping it real.) Rarely does a day go by that he doesn't make me laugh, however, and I know that our next 21 years will be our very own God-adventure. But I cannot leave without saying this. I love my kids. I love my husband. I don't believe in regrets. Would I make different decisions if I were 20 again and knew what I knew now? Yes. I'd finish my degree, travel, sing, do the things my heart longed to do when I was in my twenties. And yes, I would wait to marry. Perhaps you married at a young age and you feel differently. That's ok. We all have our own experiences, opinions and paths to follow.

I read this blog post a couple of days ago (link here) and love this woman's perspective.  It's worth reading, particularly if you are the parent of a daughter. Love to you all!

Aaaand here's a laugh for all of you "old" marrieds out there...