Thursday, November 29, 2012


A few years ago I decided to reclaim my home and make it a healthier place for my family.  Perhaps someday I'll write about what prompted my actions, but for now I thought I'd share a few things I have done to create a space that is as free of chemicals, allergens, etc etc etc, as I can possibly make it.  My philosophy in all things that have to do with health, real food, natural living and such, is to do what I can and not stress about the things I can't change.  Stress is likely worse for our well being than just about anything else anyway.

Here is one little change I made that is really, really easy.  In the past I would buy deodorant, but never antiperspirant.  As I began learning more about different chemicals found in most personal care products, I realized that even just buying deodorant minus the aluminum found in antiperspirant wasn't good enough.  One day I was thinking about how great baking soda is for absorbing and removing odor and decided to try it as deodorant.  I mixed it with our favorite clean lotion and discovered that it works wonderfully!  My teens use it, too, and with great results.

 A teeny, tiny jelly jar. It works perfectly for this! 
It is ridiculously simple to do.  If you have a lotion that is fairly thick that you really like, use that.  Make sure whatever you use is free of chemical nastiness like fragrance, parabens, etc.  I use coconut oil and my girls like lotion.  The baking soda/lotion ratio is about 3/1, possibly even 4/1.  It just doesn't take much baking soda.  Make it in small batches, put in a glass container (not plastic, if you can avoid it) and it should last for a good while.  Honestly, it only takes a tiny bit rubbed into your underarms and you are good to go!  Give it a try. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Southern Thanks

Thanksgiving--the holiday that smells yummy. Pies baking, turkey roasting, bread rising.  This time of year my heart longs for time spent with my family.  Somehow, Montana never feels quite right to me at Thanksgiving.  For me, it's just a Southern kind of holiday.  Thanksgivings past were spent with the Haley side of the family.  Food, family, games, laughter, obnoxious loudness, way too much pie, a crowd of aunts, uncles and cousins, and Michelle and I kickin' everyone's butts at Nertz.  Oh yeah, good memories.

Tomorrow I would like to be in my mama's kitchen, along with my girls.  There would be pie crust making, bread kneading and cornbread dressing fixins.  If I know Beebs (and I do), she'd have a pot of some amazingly tasty soup on the stove for us while we are all busily prepping for the next day's feast. Most likely, a movie would be playing in the background, with no one really watching it.  The kitchen counters would become a mountain of pots and pans, even as one of us would constantly be washing up.  

Thanksgiving morning the good smells start early with the turkey roasting and hot coffee brewing.  I have to tell y' mama makes the best mashed potatoes, gravy and dressing ever.  Really.  The best. Pretty sure she puts all of her love into it.  Maybe that's what Thanksgiving tastes like at Beebo's house--love.  

Thank you to my sweet mom for all of those meals, for every single one of the gazillions of  homemade pie crusts rolled out on your countertop, every loaf of fresh bread, every potato peeled, every stick of butter melted and made into something wonderful. :) It may seem like an inconsequential thing, but it absolutely is not. It is a love offering to us. I know this to be true now that I, myself, am a mom. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Beebo and Pappa.  Sending love and gratefulness from Montana all the way down to South Texas.