Monday, January 2, 2012

A Little Side Trip

In October we made a very quick trip to Nebraska to pick up Maddy. After a couple of weeks spent crafting, baking cookies, and hanging out with the Clark Family (thanks so much to Aunt Patti and Uncle Bryan for having the munchkin for 2 weeks!), it was time to bring her home. Jay, Kyra and I drove the 1100 miles to Lincoln, stayed one day, then drove the 1100 miles back home.  It was an exhausting trip, but we decided to take the time to stop in South Dakota.  Kyra and I had never been to Mt Rushmore and none of us had ever seen Crazy Horse. The stops made our day so very long, but it was worth the time.

While Mt Rushmore is beautiful and amazing, Crazy Horse is just incredible.  I was so impressed with the dedication of those involved in all that is Crazy Horse. Imagine being the artist who dreamed and birthed the original idea. It is quite a story.  He never gave up, knowing all the while that he would never see the project finished in his lifetime.  Even now Crazy Horse sits only partially complete, his face coming alive on the side of the hill, slowly but surely. 

This is the artist's model of what Crazy Horse will someday be.

Beautiful.  I truly wished I could travel forward in time to see the sculpture completed. 

As I stood there contemplating, I realized that we are all our own little versions of Crazy Horse.  God is the sculptor, molding us into closer relationship with Him, to show others His love and glory.  I am that unfinished sculpture in the side of the hill right now, but someday I will be complete. Until that day, I am so thankful for my Heavenly Sculptor who never, ever gives up on me. 

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