Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, these are tasty!

I've recently discovered this wonderful muffin recipe from Simple Bites Blog. Aren't food blogs the best!?  Anyway, here is a link to this most fabulous of muffin recipes...


Of course, the gluten-filled wheat version is fantastic and tasty, but I have been trying to cook with less grains. I decided to try a gluten-free version of this recipe and it has turned out quite well.  I am still experimenting with quantities, etc, but the few gf batches I've made so far have been good enough to share!

Gluten Free Version:

*Substitute 1/4 cup coconut flour for the wheat flour.
Coconut flour may be spendy, but you use a lot less than when using wheat flour.
*Add 1 or 2 extra eggs.  I've yet to decide on the egg thing, though I am leaning toward using 3 eggs total.
*As usual when baking gluten-free, make certain your other ingredients are free of any traces of gluten.
*I use coconut palm sugar rather than cane sugar, but that's just a preference of mine.  I also sprinkled a bit on top before baking.
*Note:  this is a gluten free version, but not grain free.  The oat/buttermilk combination make such a lovely, tasty batch of muffins, though. :-)

Happy Baking!

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