Thursday, November 29, 2012


A few years ago I decided to reclaim my home and make it a healthier place for my family.  Perhaps someday I'll write about what prompted my actions, but for now I thought I'd share a few things I have done to create a space that is as free of chemicals, allergens, etc etc etc, as I can possibly make it.  My philosophy in all things that have to do with health, real food, natural living and such, is to do what I can and not stress about the things I can't change.  Stress is likely worse for our well being than just about anything else anyway.

Here is one little change I made that is really, really easy.  In the past I would buy deodorant, but never antiperspirant.  As I began learning more about different chemicals found in most personal care products, I realized that even just buying deodorant minus the aluminum found in antiperspirant wasn't good enough.  One day I was thinking about how great baking soda is for absorbing and removing odor and decided to try it as deodorant.  I mixed it with our favorite clean lotion and discovered that it works wonderfully!  My teens use it, too, and with great results.

 A teeny, tiny jelly jar. It works perfectly for this! 
It is ridiculously simple to do.  If you have a lotion that is fairly thick that you really like, use that.  Make sure whatever you use is free of chemical nastiness like fragrance, parabens, etc.  I use coconut oil and my girls like lotion.  The baking soda/lotion ratio is about 3/1, possibly even 4/1.  It just doesn't take much baking soda.  Make it in small batches, put in a glass container (not plastic, if you can avoid it) and it should last for a good while.  Honestly, it only takes a tiny bit rubbed into your underarms and you are good to go!  Give it a try. :)

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