Monday, July 1, 2013


Today I decided to share with you a few facts, tidbits, and silly observations from the past few weeks in South Texas.

~My mom (aka Beebs) is the best cook on the planet. The woman can make anything taste absolutely wonderful.

~Texas girls don't leave the house without some's even on their flip-flops!

~Boudin is pretty tasty.

~My straight-and-static-filled-in-Montana hair has an amazing capacity for absorbing humidity. It could be, at times, even described as  verging on big.

~Sweaty underpants are unpleasant.  (Sorry, TMI???)

~Just in case you ever come down here and need to know this--a stark is a bird typically known as a stork. Jay was pretty confused one evening during a conversation with my uncle.

~Texas BBQ is all about the meat.

~Big Red is a soda consumed in massive quantities down here. I find it to be rather horrifying.

~The low was in the 60's last night and one of my Texas friends needed a sweatshirt. I love that. :)

~My aunt and uncle have a tiny horse (dubbed Tiny Pony by my girls) that acts like a dog. Really...Tiny Pony follows the girls around and also likes to sniff our dog's rear-end.  I had no idea.

~Texas has bugs that intimidate even Shelby.  He informed me yesterday that he saw a massive flying beetle type bug with huge pinchers that actually scared him.  This is a very rare occurence for Shelby.  The kid has ALWAYS  loved bugs!

~My family loves me without conditions.  It's been lovely to be close enough to be reminded of this.

~People are darn friendly around here.  It's just not uncommon to find yourself in a conversation with a complete stranger while in the parking lot of the grocery store or in some other random setting.  It's nice.

Have a wonderful day, Friends!  Love to you all and thanks for reading!  :-)

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