Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Ever Hair Product...No Jokin'

A quick little post today for those of you with fine hair or (like me) fine hair AND a cowlick on the crown of your head that ALWAYS wants to make a part from the crown of your head and down.  Ugh...freakin' annoying.  Anyway, I have found the solution.

About a year ago, my full-of awesomeness niece, Bobbi (who just happens to be a rock star hair stylist), introduced me to this....

Poor Bobbi, so nicely listening to my lamenting of the cowlick and subsequent lack of height where hair should have some height, says to me, "You just need to get some Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.  Sprinkle it in your roots.  Gives it some grit."  Simple words.  Big life-changing impact. (I'm only sort of exaggerating here.)

I love this stuff, people, in case you can't already tell. If someone were to tell me that it was made of radioactive plutonium, I'd have to give serious thought to whether or not it is worth it to give it up. Kyra has fine hair as well and she would wholeheartedly agree.  On a recent trip to Boston, I introduced my cousins to the wonderful new world of Powder Play, which was followed by a trip to TJ Maxx to buy every bottle they had (it was half price there, just so you know.)

So there ya go. That's all I have for today.

You are welcome.

Bobbi, I love you anyway....but I'm pretty sure I love you more now. :)


  1. IT SERIOUSLY IS! That, and the Big Sexy Hairspray. I don't care what it's made of except I'm pretty sure it's hair fairy magic.

    1. Totally agree!!! I gave up on other hairspray, decided it was worth a few chemicals to have hairspray that actually worked. :)