Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Flies

My goodness, the last few weeks have been a busy blur around here.  Unfortunately, the weeks to come will likely be even busier. We are all well, however, and are getting geared up for the big move to Austin, Texas.  While I am looking forward to our new adventure, I'm not at all looking forward to the actual moving of the junk.

Anyhoo...we've just come to the end of a 2 week long Pierson family gathering time.  Jay's niece, Dani, got married in Bozeman last week, so the whole clan (well, nearly the whole clan--sadly, we were missing a few) came together for what really turned out to be quite the family reunion.

Dinner on the deck with Jay's parents, his sister Raye, and niece Erin.  Raye and Erin stayed with us, along with Erin's sweet kids Charlie and Gracie.  So fun!

Kyra and little Gracie.  I think Gracie smiles more than any baby I have ever seen.  Just stinkin' cute!!!

This is Charlie.  His favorite activity was throwing the ball for our Lab, Tucker.  Such a sweet little boy!

All in all, it was a great couple of weeks.  Thanks to Raye, Erin, and the kids for being such fun, thoughtful house guests.  We love you!


  1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU GUYS ARE MOVING TO AUSTIN, TEXAS????????????????????? HOW???????????????

  2. Ummmmm...not sure? Well, actually, it's a fairly new development and quite a few people don't know. I will email you with some answers. It's all been happening so quickly that we have hardly even had time to think.