Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Moving Tells Me About a few other random observations

Moving Sucks. No way around it, it just stinks. It's exhausting physically and emotionally, especially if you happen to be gluttons for punishment and decide to make two 1800+ mile moves in a mere 15 months. (Whoa! Who in the world would decide to do that?????)  Anyhoo, here are some of my thoughts and observations from the past week or so...from my journal to your ears. I really just want to bless your day with my deep thoughts.

#1~I like to feel sorry for myself and cry sometimes because, you know, my life is hard. (Read that in a whiny, teary, privileged American voice.)

#2 (relates to #1)~I actually say things to myself like, "Suck it up, Buttercup, and get crap done!"

#3~Once I finally stop feeling sorry for myself and get to work, I'm task oriented and I can get crap done, y'all. Project ADD is not one of my weaknesses. Well, usually.

#4~I do not dust as often as I should.

#5~ I also do not vacuum under the couch cushions as often as I should. It's my prepper mentality. Zombie apocalypse?  No problem! Just raise the couch cushions and you've got meals for a week! (And pens, paper, bobby pins, hair ties, popsicle sticks, random wrappers, and dog hair.)

#6~Speaking of dog hair. I concede. I can fight no more forever. Trust me, owners of black labradors, you delude yourselves if you think you can win this war, armed though you may be with Swiffer, vacuum, and broom.

#7~I can deal with the chaos and disorder if my kitchen is in some state of clean. ("What? Oh, the world is blowing up around me?  I'll just go do the dishes!")

#8~When attempting two cross-country moves in 15 months, your precious possessions become the enemy. ("Are you absolutely certain we need that youngest kid? She does take up a lot of room with her yarn, books, and tea!")

#9~Taking a little time to sit, ALONE, with a cup of coffee and my journal, becomes a survival skill rather than an indulgence. Don't talk to me and don't deny me a few stinkin' minutes of peace in the morning. Unless you want things to get ugly.

#10~Rolls of packing tape and those tape gun things are tools of Satan.

#11~I only wash curtains when we move. Or when friends visit and their dog pees on them.

#12~Rugs cover a multitude of sins.

#13~Year-round warm weather = ceiling fans that are on year-round = invisible dust on the blades. If I can't see it, it obviously doesn't exist. Duh.

#14~I am obviously stalling by writing a blog post. It is time to get a move on.

I love y'all!


  1. You crack me up girl! Love you--miss you! Breathe, and hopefully you are enjoying a cocktail or two in the evenings!

    1. Cocktails are much more therapeutic when shared with friends. Miss you, too.

  2. Hahahaha. I like the coffee and journal one. My favorite drink of choice.