Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Thoughts and feelings, rumbling about inside, a bit scattered and confused, angry and grieving. Thoughts for my precious friend,this sister of my heart, who has found herself in the midst of a trial, a sifting full of heartbreak.

 Prayers have been going up without ceasing for days on end. Insomnia filled nights provide more opportunity for pleading with the heavens.  Every thought of my friend and her beautiful family is followed by a true, heartfelt entreaty. Deliverance, Father. Justice, Lord. Protect this well-deserved reputation of integrity, refuse to allow lies and conjecture to be seen as truth. To be the victim of one bearing false devastating, so unfair. Above all, please keep untruths from becoming public knowledge. Please, God.

As the days have gone on, the lies have been made known. In these days of social media and online reporting, news (particular that of the bad variety) spreads like wildfire. I admit to an initial response of, "What the heck, Lord? We believed you for deliverance. We believe you for justice and protection." Yet He allows this to go on, to happen. Ugly comments online, people acting as judge and jury before all of the facts are in, believing the absolute worse of someone that I love and care about. So, so hard to take. Impossible to accept. Yet there it is. So where does that leave us? Why do we pray? What's the point, Father??? Why does the worst possible scenario have to become the actual scenario??? Why does the darkness get to score so many points???

I'd love to be able to claim a non-angry response to all of this nastiness. Alas, I cannot. During a few hours of sleeplessness, however, I was reminded of another injustice--an injustice that occurred centuries ago, and led to death. Our Jesus knows of injustice. He has felt the heart wrenching grief and anger that come from being falsely accused. He knows. Enduring the absolute worst case scenario brought light into the world. He is that light, our light.

Once the anger has passed and I find myself able to listen, I remember that we are citizens of earth, which guarantees each of us seasons of trials and tribulations, grief and anger, right along with seasons of joy. The Father doesn't promise to deliver us from every trial, but He does promise to never leave or forsake us. He promises to bring light to the dark places and make good come from the evil. He is a promise keeper. I choose to trust.

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