Monday, October 22, 2012

Do You Who?

I am almost laughing as I sit here thinking about writing this post.  Although I risk embarrassing myself, I am going to share something that has become something of an obsession. Ok, maybe not exactly an obsession, but it is definitely consuming more of my time than I would like to admit.  By the way, the blame for this lies completely with my daughters.  They just seemed to be having such a lovely time watching this show that my curiosity won out.  Yes, it is a TV show.  I'm just going to say it...I love Doctor Who.  For pete's sake, I may even be a Whovian.  (Did I really just type that???)  Now I am laughing for real.

Doctor Who.  Perhaps you've heard of it?  BBC TV series, originally started in the 60's and  brought back to life in 2005.  It's full of cheesy BBC-typical special effects, complete with aliens and time travel in a British 1950's blue police box/spaceship called the TARDIS. I won't even try to explain the show.  It just sounds too ridiculous.  Honestly, I would never have made it past the very first episode if my girls hadn't told me to just keep watching.  And watch it I have.  I am currently in Season 3 and am completely hooked.  So bizarre.  The only other time I have ever done this was a couple of summers ago when I watched every episode of The X-Files.  (Love me some Fox Mulder!)  Ok, so maybe I am a nerd.  I am sure that will be a shocking confession to all of you who know me.  :)

Maddy made this birthday card for Kyra. Only fellow Whovians will understand.

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    Says the fellow nerd as she listens to the Harry Potter soundtrack at her desk for the third workday in a row...