Friday, October 26, 2012


I love to go thrifting with my girls. Digging through the mom jeans and 70's macrame that inhabits thrift stores, we've made some delightful discoveries!  It's kind of the thrill of the hunt, I suppose. You just never know what you might find, but there is always the possibility of coming across something wonderful.

Here are a few thrifting words of wisdom...
    * Always keep hand sanitizer in your car.
    *Almost anything can be cleaned, so look beyond the occasional grime.
    *Yes, sometimes the stores don't smell exactly lovely. Who cares.
    *Sometimes you'll not find a doggone thing worth buying. That's ok. Keep trying. It'll be worth it.
    *Most thrift stores have 1/2 price days.  Totally worth standing in line for!
    *Have a sense of humor while you are there. Some things in there will make you say, "Whaaaaat???"(We once had a contest to see who could find the ugliest thing.)
     *Most thrift stores support awesome nonprofits so your money goes to a good cause.
    So get out there, brave the funky smell, and find a treasure of your own!

Here are a few fun things that we've found...
Book holder from the back of a church pew. It now hangs on Maddy's wall.

Kyra's lamp.  Looks darling in her room.
Maddy's chair. It's an awful plaid, but was really clean and in perfect shape.  I also thrifted the vintage chenille bedspread to put on top of the ugly plaid.  Btw...I got the chair and the spread for a grand total of $14. Sweet!
Cherry Ames nurse books were my absolute favorite when I was a kid.  I have managed to find a few of them.  Love!!!
Lots of lovely art
With the long Montana winters, a lot of tea drinking goes on around here.  Thrift stores are a great place to find cute teapots.
Fun little 70's things.  This is our tea tin.
Little egg holders.  I just liked them.
My grandmother had a cake tin like this one.  I love using this.
Lots of old linens and Pyrex.
We've found cute little random dishes and oh so many fantastic books!
Old classics abound at thrift stores.
More artsy sorts of things
Mirror and pretty teacups in Kyra's room
More pretty teacups and saucers
Old teakettle used as a planter

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  1. I love this post. You know me and vintage. Great photos!!!! I feel cozy now.