Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, Boy...

 I read an blog post today about being a brave parent that made me think about the guys in my life.  I have often been asked how I can bear to "allow" my guys to do all of the various activities that they love to do.  My reply is always the same.  When they leave the house, I pray for them.  I honestly, and with all of my heart, can say that I trust God to take care of them.  So I pray and then I let it go.  I do not worry.
 Yes, we have had many injuries that range in severity from minor annoyances to major breaks and bonks on the head. There is also a rule in our house that I adhere to and so must they.  It goes as follows..."If you are going to go out and do all of these stupid dangerous things, then don't come home complaining, bitching or moaning.  Man up and deal with it."  I admit that I drafted this bill and voted it into law.  Perhaps it was more of an executive order. :-)

I do not understand them, but I know that both of them look at Kyra, Maddy and I with looks on their faces that tell me they are wondering what in the world we are about.  So the feeling is mutual.  We don't relate or understand, but we accept and love the other.  It's all part of the whole family, male-female thing. guys are fun.  Rarely is there a day that Shelby isn't laughing at something.  If you can listen to his laugh and not laugh yourself, something is wrong with you.  He is goofy and fun-loving.  One of my favorite traits of the hubby is his sense of humor.  Jay just makes me laugh and I admit that there are times when we both totally weird out and think we are soooooo funny.  Guys are good for those sorts of times. A good example?   While in Seattle, we went to see the Fremont Bridge Troll.  What did Shelby do?  He stuck his head up the troll's nose, of course.  Admit it, that's funny.

So, what to do about those boys?  Love them, laugh at them, accept that they aren't girls and aren't going to act like girls, try not to let them see your eye rolls, and the most important thing....pray like crazy!


  1. I want to see the inside of the troll's

  2. What a grand job you are making in raising your family. It is hard to balance the male-female energies but it looks like you are doing just that.

    Wishing you a very belated Happy New Year!

    Loved the video by the way, but was concerned lest the ice broke- just my mother instinct kicking into gear!

    1. Vera,
      Thanks so much! I love your blog, by the way. So fun to see your adventures in France!

      No worries about the ice. Where they were it was only a few inches deep. :)