Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love is Here

Yesterday...just a normal Monday, full of laundry and floor scrubbing, the continuing Harry Potter marathon playing in the background, and a big pot of chicken and dumplings on the stove.  Just an ordinary day around the Pierson house, but my God showed up, making it extraordinary. I love it when He does that.

I received a text from a sweet friend, asking for prayer.  An amazing woman, this beautiful friend of mine--full of love, life, compassion and laughter.  I've known her only a short time, but she is a permanent fixture in my heart.  As I was lifting her needs up to the Father, I kept getting a picture of Elisha and his servant. (If you've never read it--2Kings6.)  It bugged me for the next couple of hours, this picture in my mind's eye of the battles fought over us in the spirit world, and so I prayed. I knew in my heart that what my friend was going through was from the enemy of her soul. You see, my friend is one of the bravest people I know--stepping out in faith against oppression and reaching out to share Jesus' love with those who believe He could never love them. The enemy hates people like her, those who embody the heart of Christ, those who don't just speak it--they truly live it. 

A few hours later, a message from her brought me joy.  Not only was she delivered from this attack, another woman, without knowing that there was a struggle going on, spoke the same words to her that I had earlier in the day. So my friend was able to move on last night and speak love, mercy, and grace to a group of people who so needed to hear it.  Amazing love.  

If today is a struggle, the Father knows.  The victory is already won, you only need to claim it.  

To my friend...you just keep on being love.  Keep walking on this path He has put you on, with His hand in yours and His angels encamped around you. 

Love is here.
Love is now.
Love is pouring from His hands, His brow.
Love is near, it satisfies.
Streams of mercy flowing from His side.
tenth avenue north

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