Friday, May 6, 2011

A few things that I love

I thought I would share a few things that I really love.  Granted, I'm no Oprah...but here you go anyway. :-)

Tulsi Tea is from the holy basil plant.  Lots of health benefits.  I usually only drink one cup of coffee in the morning, so on days when it's cold outside and a warm drink seems called for, I usually drink a cup of tea.

Kevita drinks are a new discovery of mine.  I happened upon them at the Co-op a few weeks ago.  I love them!  Loaded with good for you stuff like probiotics, it's a no guilt treat. That's the best.

Green Smoothies! I drink one every morning after my workout.  Looooove!  They are the best way to start your day.

I love to make purchases from The Hunger Site.  Every purchase you make goes to help feed the hungry. Check it out!

While I don't typically wear much makeup, I do love the tinted moisturizer from 100%Pure.  Kyra and I use their products, including the mascara.  It's nice to know that you aren't putting chemical laden crap on your face every time you put on your makeup.

And last but not least...the Bible app from YouVersion.  Jay has it on his Blackberry and I have it on my Droid phone.  We both love it.  It has pretty much every version of the Bible on there, so it's great to use for comparisons or you can just choose the version you like and use that.  It's really easy to use, which is fortunate for me as I am technologically challenged.  Added's free!

So there it is...a few things that I quite enjoy.

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