Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Every month I do 2 big grocery shopping trips.  (Yes, we get paid bi-monthly.)  Yesterday was the day for one of those trips.  As I was hurrying through the aisles of Costco, I found myself appalled at the rising cost of  the basic food items that I usually buy.  For example, the coffee we like has gone from $14 to $19 in just over a month.  I also buy big bags of beans and basmati rice.  The beans are now $13 (up from $8) and the rice, which I decided to forgo, is now up to $23 per bag.  Just a little while ago, the rice was $11, which I thought was spendy since I first paid $9 for it.  Wow!  And that is only 3 examples.  

I've always been a thrifty shopper, mostly out of necessity.  Actually, it's becoming even more necessary now that I have 3 teenagers in the house.  Yikes!  Those kids can consume food.  I cook everyday and buy very little prepared foods, which I do for thrift and for health reasons. (Prepared food is typically nutritionally defunct.)  Because I do believe in good food, I spend more on organic, whole foods.  My philosophy is that it is cheaper than being sick. :) 

So...what are we all to do as prices continue to rise and tummies still need to be filled?  I have found myself making much simpler meals.  Still tasty and full of good, healthy foods, just simple.  I also make time to cook big pots of beans to freeze for future use in recipes or to make refried beans.  (Homemade refried beans are the best!)  Rarely do we have cereal in our pantry or chips other than tortilla chips. (Once again, the reasons for this are cutting cost and junk food.) 

As I was shopping yesterday and deciding what things we could live without, I couldn't help but wonder if there will come a day when prices escalate so out of control that we will go to Costco and only be able to buy the beans and rice.  After mentioning this to the girls, we had a discussion about how most of the world lives on things like rice and beans.  Kyra went so far as to suggest that we try doing the same for a month, then possibly we wouldn't feel so deprived when we can't buy the bag of Kettle Chips or the organic granola.  Smart girl, that Kyra.  Maybe we will do just that...have a month of living on the very minimum.  Something to think about.

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