Monday, May 16, 2011

What to do..

We have been having some truly atrocious weather.  With the exception of a couple of days, it has been cold, rainy and insanely windy.  Along with prolonged nasty weather comes general grumpiness, boredom, and lots of sighs (generally made while looking out a window). Here are a few pictures of how we've spent a couple of those days...

This would be a typical Maddy moment--she is always creating.  Well, when she isn't reading. Or eating.

I made a big bowl of banana pudding.  It's my Aunt Jo's recipe and is truly to die for.  It makes a great breakfast with a cup of coffee...not that I would ever do that...

Jay's solution for beating the bad weather blues is to go into the garage and use power tools on various motorcycle parts.

Just thought I'd show you that we are all about safety.  It's important to wear shorts and dirt bike goggles when grinding metal.

Maddy and her best buddy, Camille, are staying out of the wind and playing a nice game of Sorry.

(I suppose we did do a few more things than this, but there seems to be a lack of photographic documentation.)  
 The consensus in the Pierson household is that waiting for Summer in Montana is even more agonizing than waiting for Christmas morning. That's pretty darn agonizing if it is Maddy doing the waiting for Christmas.  It truly kills her to see all of those unopened gifts.

I just want to go outside and be warm. That is all.


  1. we had some pretty chilly wind here yesterday and the day before too. but i hate to tell you... waiting for summer in the south is WAY faster than waiting for summer in the north. :)

  2. Why do you think I started knitting again?? :)
    Hope you are getting some of the gorgeous sunshine we are FINALLY getting...oh, my...what is that bright shiny thing in the sky?
    Love you...maybe you need to play some board games with Evan! :)